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The Urge to protect

The Urge to protect ! An older siblings desire
Hi! this is my first post. I hope it can stimulate serious discussion and I hope it isn't too long and boring.
this is most certainly full of spoilers
Beware of grammatical errors

It's a common theme in Anime and Manga that older siblings no matter how distant can never resist the urge to protect their younger siblings. what I find odd is that I don't quite see it in so much in American films.... I wonder why
Is this some cultural phenomena or is it just me?

Popular series like Naruto had a character like Itachi who singlehandedly killed everyone in his in clan family including his own mother and father yet he couldn't bring himself to kill his little brother. In fact as the series progressed we later find out he's been doing his best to protect him in his own way.
It’s certainly a common and strong theme in BLEACH with Ichigo who loves his family. As he displays anger at Sora for attacking his younger sister Orihime spouting his, or what I believe, his most a famed line
“ Do you know why the big brother is born first..? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him!!”
Protecting despite their differences
In Eureka 7 Manga which is based, and very independent, on the anime series. Here we have Holland the leader of the faction Gekko state, that is against.. well.. and the state the later appointed colonel and main antagonists is Dewey who is also Holland’s older brother.
Holland and Dewey in their final confrontation-face-to-face, no barriers Holland emerges as the victor. What played out is actually interesting because n the end we see a flashback of the when there were much younger with Dewey saving Holland and in exchange lost his leg. Holland crying over his brother and Dewey comforting him with a faint smile on his face
I wondered despite always all their differences did Dewey still care about and wanted to protect Holland?
It’s not only seen between brothers eighter. Hilda in the comedy Manga Beelzebub also displayed this urge for her younger sister Yolda. The younger of the two hated the other for what can be assumed her entire lifetime and the feelings of the latter wasn’t really properly fleshed out and quite frankly originally appeared to be indifferent of her sister. Yet when the two were captured and the younger was nearly worked to death Hilda showed great concern and rescued her. When prompted why she responds "Why?.. As if I need a reason to help my sister.
I wondered how many other anime and manga characters felt this way

The few films I’ve seen with siblings displaying that urge was in the film X-Men: Wolverines Origin. In the beginning he have a sick Logan being treated by his friend who and unbeknownst to both his older brother. Throughout the film and in the other series within the Franchise Vincent has displaced his urge to protect Logan
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